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Our Show



We Want The D is a comedy podcast about the films and history of Disney Studios. Although it has won no awards, appeared at no podcast festivals and all the hosts still work their day jobs, we think it's a podcast worth listening to if you're a fan of film history, childhood nostalgia or have just seen a Disney movie.

Please note our explicit rating, we may talk about Disney but we would definitely not get Walt's family friendly, clean cut, wholesome Missouri values stamp of approval.

New episodes are released every week on Thursdays. 





Your Hosts

Nolan, Jill and Vicky are three Toronto based young(ish) professionals working in film and television. Bonded by a love of film and talking shit, your three hosts wanted others to join their conversation and friendship through the We Want The D podcast. 

Nolan - Resident male viewpoint, writing structure aficionado, audio engineer, editor and Pirates of the Caribbean super fan. 

Jill - Resident historian and researcher, small mouse doing big things enthusiast, Mal & Ben Shipper. 

Vicky - Resident rambler, genital slang encyclopedia, High Priestess in the Church of Menken.